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Notice of Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration on publicly soliciting opinions on the "Four Lists of Administrative Law Enforcement" (draft for soliciting comments)

In order to continue to regulate law enforcement and further create a more fair, open, transparent and predictable business environment, according to Regulations of Liaoning Province on Optimizing Business Environment and Implementation Plan for Building a Rule of Law Government in Liaoning Province (2021-2025)In the spirit of the relevant documents, the Bureau drafted a list of the province's drug regulatory system without administrative penalties, a list of lighter administrative penalties, a list of reduced administrative penalties and a list of non-implementation of administrative coercive measures (draft for comments), referred to as the "four lists" of administrative law enforcement. (See the attachment for details.1-4)It is now open to the public for comments。请于2023712Please send your comments and suggestions to your email address(

Annex: List of four items of administrative law enforcement

Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration