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The provincial Food and Drug Administration held a meeting on the supervision and risk analysis of cosmetics in the province

  From April 3 to 4, the 2023 Provincial Cosmetic Supervision Work and Risk Analysis Conference was held in Shenyang。会议以Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era为指导,We will thoroughly implement the guiding principles of the Party's 20 National Congresses,Fully implement the requirements of the national Cosmetic Supervision working conference and the provincial drug supervision working conference,Summarize the supervision work of cosmetics in the province in 2022,Study and deploy key tasks in 2023,Analyze and discuss the hidden risks of cosmetics supervision,Targeted deployment of risk prevention and control work。Pan Yong, Deputy Director of the Provincial Food and Drug Administration attended the meeting and made a speech。

  The meeting from the in-depth promotion of cosmetics safety special rectification, strengthen the supervision of the whole chain of cosmetics, improve risk prevention and control measures, steadily improve the regulatory capacity, supervision of enterprises to implement the main responsibility and other aspects,A comprehensive summary of the work in 2022,In-depth analysis of the current new situation and new challenges,To do a good job in 2023 cosmetics supervision requirements。

  Conference emphasis,2023 is the first year of Liaoning's implementation of the new breakthrough three-year action for comprehensive revitalization,Drug regulatory departments at all levels in the province should take the "four strictest" as the fundamental guidance,Comprehensively implement the deployment requirements of provincial party committees, provincial governments, national bureaus and provincial bureaus,According to the working idea of "speaking politics, strengthening supervision, ensuring safety, promoting development and benefiting people's lives",Adhere to the people-centered approach,Strengthen supervision of all aspects of cosmetics production and operation,Strictly prevent and control security risks,Continuously strengthen the supervision capacity building of cosmetics,Ensure the safety of public use of makeup,Promote the high quality development of cosmetics industry in our province。

  The meeting made it clear that in 2023, drug regulatory departments at all levels in the province should focus on the following four key tasks and do a solid job in cosmetics supervision。First, it is necessary to highlight the key points, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, promote the long-term special rectification of cosmetic safety, and severely crack down on illegal behaviors。The second is to continue to carry out regulatory publicity and training, improve supervision capabilities, guide enterprises to implement the main responsibility, vigorously carry out science popularization and publicity, and improve the level of social co-governance。Third, we must strengthen daily supervision and standardize the order of production and operation。We will further improve the regulatory system, strengthen the record management of the whole chain, strictly regulate the management of production licenses, improve the efficiency of supervision and inspection of production links, continue to strengthen the supervision of business links, and strengthen the construction and management of technical support systems。Fourth, it is necessary to strengthen the investigation and resolution of cosmetic safety risks, improve the targeting and effectiveness of supervision sampling, steadily promote risk monitoring, and improve the quality of adverse reaction monitoring。

  During the meeting,The safety risks of cosmetics production and operation were discussed in different groups,The risk problems found in the supervision and inspection of cosmetics production, administrative punishment, supervision and sampling, adverse reaction monitoring, supervision and inspection of cosmetics business, special rectification, supervision and sampling, quantitative and hierarchical management were analyzed and evaluated,To study and formulate corresponding prevention and control measures。

  The municipal, Shenfu Demonstration zone market supervision bureau responsible leadership and related departments (departments) responsible person, provincial drug inspection and testing institute responsible person, provincial Drug Administration cosmetics supervision department, the inspection, drug evaluation and inspection center responsible person and related staff attended the meeting。