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The medical device Safety Publicity Week of 2023 in Liaoning Province was launched

The safety of medical equipment is closely related to public life and health。In order to thoroughly implement the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices, popularize the knowledge of the safe use of medical devices, and promote the innovation and development of the medical device industry, the 2023 Liaoning Medical Device Safety Publicity Week with the theme of "Safe use of equipment and shared health" was officially launched in Shenyang Hotel on the morning of July 10。Provincial Food and Drug Administration, provincial industry and Information Technology Department, Provincial Health Commission, provincial medical insurance Bureau, Shenyang market supervision, industry and information technology, health, medical insurance and other departments, Huanggu District people's Government, provincial and municipal medical device industry associations, scientific research institutions, medical device manufacturers and operators and community volunteers a total of more than 300 people participated in the launch ceremony。

At the launch ceremony, representatives of Huanggu District People's Government, Shenyang Market Bureau, and three medical device manufacturers and operators in the province made statements respectively。Pan Yong, deputy director of the Provincial Food and Drug Administration, informed the key activities of the Liaoning Medical device Safety Publicity Week in 2023, calling on all sectors of society to actively participate in various activities, promote medical device safety co-management and sharing, promote the high-quality development of the medical device industry, and help Liaoning make new breakthroughs in the comprehensive revitalization with practical actions。

After the launch ceremony, the representatives who participated in the ceremony walked into the Mingbei Community Party Group Activity Center and Minglian Community Health Service Center, and carried out medical device safety popularization through various forms such as the people's lecture hall, free free diagnosis, and awarded knowledge answers。During the publicity week, medical device safety Midsummer Night activities will be carried out in Bitang Park, Baibird Park, North Tower Park and other people's leisure activities, and cultural performances will be organized and popular science knowledge will be explained to create a good atmosphere of "safe use of equipment and shared health"。

    During the publicity week, the provincial Food and Drug Administration will also organize a series of regulations publicity and popular science publicity activities such as "Medical device Integration Development Forum", "medical device assistance enterprise service into the park", "medical device evaluation and adverse event monitoring public welfare training", and "Safe use of machinery science popularization into community enterprises"。All cities, counties (districts) in the province launched the publicity week activities simultaneously,Adopt a form popular with the masses,Disseminate knowledge of safe use of firearms to the public,Continue to enhance public awareness of medical device safety,Guide the whole society to participate in the quality and safety supervision of medical devices,Promote the overall level of medical device quality and safety in the province to continue to improve,Let the "safe use of weapons" deeply rooted in people's hearts,Let "shared health" benefit everyone。