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The provincial Food and Drug Administration organized a collective talk and clean government reminder meeting for newly hired civil servants in 2023

  In 2023, the Provincial Food and Drug Administration hired 6 new civil servants and assigned them to the inspection work in various cities, further strengthening the law enforcement force of drug inspection。In order to allow the new recruits to change their roles as soon as possible, get familiar with the work responsibilities and processes of the bureau, and meet the requirements of the initial post, the Provincial Food and Drug Administration organized the new recruits to carry out a one-month internship exercise in the general and business departments of the agency。Through practice, the new recruits understand the working process of the organ, adapt to the working state of the organ, and improve the political quality and professional ability。

  In order to ensure that the new recruits take the "first step" into the job, recently, the Provincial Food and Drug Administration organized a collective talk and clean government reminder meeting for the new recruits in 2023 to carry out pre-job education for the new recruits。Pan Yong, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Bureau, attended the meeting and made a speech。



  Comrade Pan Yong Party Group on behalf of the Bureau emphasized four points for new recruits: First, to strengthen political exercise,Strive to improve political quality;The second is to strengthen practical exercise,Strive to improve the level of work;Third, we must strengthen the cultivation of style,Strive to improve the quality of work;Fourth, we need to strengthen the construction of clean government,Strive to improve the ability to resist corruption and change,And pay attention to consolidating the political theoretical foundation in daily work,Improve comprehensive writing ability, daily supervision ability and law enforcement and case handling ability,Develop a diligent and dedicated, rigorous and meticulous work style,Do not touch the bottom line do not touch the red line and other aspects of specific work requirements。

  The meeting required that relevant inspections should strengthen the ideological guidance and education and training of newly recruited personnel, strictly manage and love them, and carefully cultivate them to ensure that drug supervision work and fine traditions are passed on from generation to generation。