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The provincial Food and Drug Administration held training courses on the supervision of cosmetics production

 In order to step up the supervision of cosmetics production in our province and promote the professionalism and specialization of the cosmetic inspector team, recently, the Provincial Food and Drug Administration held a training course for the supervision and management of cosmetics production in Liaoning Province and provincial cosmetic inspectors。More than 70 supervisors and inspectors from the province participated in the training。

 培训Adhere to the four directions of "problem orientation, standard orientation, effect orientation and strict supervision",It is carried out by means of offline centralized teaching and on-site practical training,Experts from the Drug Review and Inspection Center of the State Food and Drug Administration were invited,The theoretical teaching focuses on the application of inspection key points and judgment principles of cosmetic production quality management, common problems of cosmetic filing, cosmetic formula and process design, cosmetic efficacy claim evaluation, etc.Organize participants to Dalian Shuangdi Co., LTD., the first cosmetic inspector training base in our province,Carry out on-site practical training of "enterprise + supervision" dual teacher model,Strengthen the practical skills training of inspectors, require inspectors to be good at using the thinking of inspection to find illegal behaviors, and be good at helping enterprises to continuously improve their innovation and development ability from the perspective of GMP compliance。

   Through training and learning, the ability of cosmetic inspectors to find problems and solve regulatory problems under new regulations and new situations has been improved, and the construction of practical training bases for inspectors has played a positive role in promoting the inspection ability of inspectors。