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Provincial food and drug Administration to create an upgraded version of drug administration services

  In order to fully implement the major decisions and arrangements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government in implementing the new breakthrough three-year action for the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning,We will accelerate the building of a "digital government.,Provincial Food and Drug Administration to promote the "One Netcom office",Promote approval process reengineering,Government services will be continuously improved,To create a convenient, fast, efficient and clean business environment with first-class service and efficiency,Let "Qingfeng Liaoning government affairs window" become the golden card of drug administration government services,Better serve the needs of enterprises and the people。
   First, relying on the provincial integrated online government service platform, 54 government services are implemented in the "whole network" to achieve the application, acceptance, review, decision, certificate delivery and other links, the whole process can be done online。The second is to realize the paperless application, actively carry out the electronic archive archiving work of the integrated government service platform, the online approval is subject to electronic materials, and enterprises do not need to submit paper materials, saving enterprises a lot of costs。The third is to realize the "no meeting" approval, and the business affairs are "zero running", and there is no need to go to the office hall for processing。Fourth, greatly reduce the approval time limit, the provincial food and drug Administration promised to compress the time limit to 50% of the legal time limit。Fifth, the implementation of government services "cross-provincial general office" and "provincial general Office", drug advertising approval and other 5 matters to implement "cross-provincial general office", the second type of medical device management record and other 3 matters to implement "province-wide general office", to solve the problem of enterprises in different places。The sixth is the full implementation of electronic licenses, 42 enterprise licenses in the field of drug supervision in the province are fully electronic, 13 electronic licenses are online "Liao Shitong APP", up to now, a total of more than 150,000 electronic licenses have been generated, greatly expanding and enriching the application of "online sharing, offline lighting"。The seventh is to expand the scope of implementation of "acceptance of capacity and absence", expand the number of "acceptance of capacity and absence" to 35, reduce the declaration threshold, and improve the efficiency of enterprise declaration。
   With the implementation of work measures such as "whole network office" and electronic license, the standardization, standardization and facilitation level of pharmaceutical government services in our province has been continuously improved, and higher quality government services have helped the high-quality development of Liaoning's pharmaceutical industry。