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The provincial Food and Drug Administration organized the provincial vaccine production quality risk consultation meeting

  To analyze and judge the quality and safety risks in the field of vaccine production,Improve the quality of vaccine inspection,9月26日,The provincial Food and Drug Administration organized the 2023 provincial vaccine production quality risk conference,The relevant departments of the Provincial Drug Administration, the provincial drug evaluation and Inspection Center in charge of comrades and 10 inspectors from vaccine manufacturers attended the meeting。

  The meeting listened to the report of the inspection team dispatched by 5 vaccine manufacturers and the main risks and problems found in the supervision of the company, and the main risks were sorted out, studied and judged, and the corresponding risk control measures were formulated。

  The meeting clarified the focus of the next step of vaccine supervision, first, we must strictly implement the "four strictest" requirements, solidly carry out vaccine inspection and annual full coverage supervision and inspection, and firmly hold the bottom line of vaccine quality and safety。Second, we should strengthen risk awareness, adhere to the bottom line thinking, regularly study and evaluate risks, study countermeasures and measures, grasp early and small, solve hidden risks in the bud, and form closed-loop management。Third, we should do a good job of communicating risk information in the batch issuance of hepatitis B vaccine, strengthen information communication, and constantly form a more powerful regulatory defense line to ensure that the batch issuance of hepatitis B vaccine is carried out in an orderly manner。