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The first batch of drug production inspectors training base was awarded by the provincial Drug Administration

  In order to strengthen the education and training of inspectors and enhance the professional ability of inspectors, under the principle of voluntary equality and win-win cooperation, the provincial Food and Drug Administration selected and determined the first batch of drug production inspectors training bases in our province1012Day for the training base award。

  At the awarding ceremony, the provincial Drug Administration expressed its sincere thanks to the strong support of relevant drug manufacturers, and asked the base enterprises to further improve the training materials and training processes, and constantly improve the quality and effect of practical training。The representative of the training base enterprise said that it will actively assist the provincial Food and Drug Administration to carry out the training of inspectors, and take this opportunity to further improve the quality management system, strictly implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, and constantly improve the ability of enterprises to independently discover problems and prevent and control risks, and play a good role in demonstrating and leading。

  The establishment of the training base system is an effective measure to strengthen the training of inspectors' actual combat ability, improve the overall quality, comprehensive supervision ability and law enforcement and case handling level of the drug production and supervision team, and promote the construction of the professional and specialized drug inspector team in our province to a new level。At the same time, it is also an important platform to promote two-way exchanges between government and enterprises and serve the high-quality development of enterprises, which is conducive to better implementing various policies and measures to help enterprises rescue, helping enterprises solve practical difficulties closer and more efficiently, and boosting the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry1+12'The win-win effect。