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Provincial Drug evaluation and Inspection Center went to Shenyang Anning Hospital to carry out drug abuse monitoring sentinel research

  To promote the construction of drug abuse monitoring system in our province,Enhancing the reporting awareness and capacity of drug abuse surveillance outposts,近日,Provincial drug evaluation and inspection center and Shenyang market supervision and safety early warning center,Went to Shenyang Anning Hospital to carry out drug abuse monitoring investigation,And had a discussion and exchange with the relevant staff of Anning Hospital。

  Shenyang Anning Hospital is a tertiary psychiatric hospital and will be included as a national Drug abuse monitoring outpost (medical institution) in 2020.。During the investigation, Anning Hospital introduced the system construction, staffing, monitoring data collection and reporting, and publicity and training of its drug abuse monitoring system. The research team listened carefully to the questions raised by Anning Hospital and gave detailed answers。Provincial drug evaluation and inspection center emphasized,The purpose of drug abuse surveillance is to identify strains at risk of abuse,Feedback on drug abuse risk factors,To provide strong technical support for the scientific supervision of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs,It is recommended that hospitals conduct daily diagnosis and treatment monitoring,The information system was used for retrospective analysis,Information on substance abuse cases was collected by locating and focusing on patients with sleep disorders。

  Through research,The provincial Drug Evaluation and Inspection Center learned about the current diagnosis and treatment, drug use and information management of drug abuse monitoring in Anning Hospital,Sentinel hospitals were promoted to further clarify the purpose, significance and related work requirements of drug abuse monitoring,Enhancing drug abuse monitoring capacity in sentinel hospitals,Giving play to the role of demonstration and leading has played a positive role in promoting。