Guidelines for disclosure of government information

  In order to improve the transparency of work and provide citizens, legal persons and other organizations with government information disclosure services in accordance with the law, the Guide to Government Information Disclosure of Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Guide) has been compiled in accordance with the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Government Information Disclosure and the Regulations of Liaoning Provincial Government Information Disclosure.。Citizens, legal persons and other organizations in need of government information disclosure services of Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as "Provincial Administration") please read this Guide.。

  First, active disclosure

  (1) Scope of disclosure

  1.Institutional functions: Introduction of provincial bureau leaders and division of labor, internal institutions and responsibilities, etc。

  2.Policies and regulations: non-confidential legal documents, working documents, policy interpretation, etc。

  3.Administrative authority: provincial bureau administrative authority list, power operation flow chart, administrative examination and approval items adjustment list, power and responsibility list and on behalf of the State Food and Drug Administration to accept the review and submit to the approval list;

  4.Key work: provincial government work report and the implementation of provincial government decisions, provincial bureau law enforcement inspection and administrative punishment cases, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics supervision sampling, product recall and illegal drugs, medical devices, cosmetics advertising announcements。

  5.Administrative examination and approval: the matters, basis, conditions, quantity, procedure, time limit of administrative permission and the catalogue of all materials that need to be submitted for administrative permission, the handling situation, the examination and approval results, the provincial government's online examination and approval platform, the provincial Bureau's administrative examination and approval service guide, the announcement and publicity。

  6.Government meeting: Provincial bureau related meetings, decision-making。

  7.Planning plan: Provincial bureau work plan, plan, key points。

  8.Public report: Annual summary report of information disclosure work of provincial bureau。

  9.Financial information: Annual budget, final accounts and special plans of provincial bureau。

  10.Government procurement: provincial government procurement documents, project bidding, announcement of winning the bid, etc。

  11.Personnel information: Personnel policy, personnel appointment and removal, civil service examination, training and education。

  12.Public services: Catalogue of public services。

  13.Statistical information: statistical working documents, provincial bureau statistical reports。

  14.Other matters within the scope of responsibilities of the provincial bureau that should be voluntarily disclosed according to law。

  Please refer to the Catalogue of Government Information Disclosure of Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration for the scope of information proactively disclosed to the public.。

  (2) Form of disclosure

  1.Through the "Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration website" actively open, the website is: 

  2.Through the "Liaoning Drug Supervision" microblog, "Liaoning Drug Supervision" wechat, the provincial government affairs service center administrative approval hall electronic touch screen, radio, television, newspapers, press conferences, and other carriers and forms that are easy for the public to know。

  The website of Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration is the main platform and channel for provincial government information disclosure。

  (3) Time limit for disclosure

  From the date of formation or change of the government information of the Provincial BureauMake it public within 20 working days。Where laws and regulations provide otherwise for the disclosure of government information, such provisions shall prevail。 

  2. Disclosure upon application

  According to the provisions of Articles 13 and 20 of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Disclosure of Government Information, citizens, legal persons and other organizations (hereinafter referred to as"Applicant"It may, according to its own needs in production, life, scientific research, etc., apply to the provincial bureau for access to government information other than active disclosure。When the provincial bureau provides information in accordance with the application, it shall provide the information according to the actual state of possession of the information。 

  (1) Application

  Applicants may apply to the provincial Bureau for access to relevant government information in the form of face-to-face, letter, fax, online application, etc。

  When applying by letter or fax, the applicant should fill in the paper application form and mail it together with the copy of the relevant documents to the provincial bureau accepting office。

  When applying online, please visit the provincial website "Information Disclosure → Government Information Disclosure.Subject to application "column (website。 

  The application for government information disclosure shall be made in accordance with the principle of "one case, one application"。

  The Provincial Bureau shall not undertake the obligation to summarize, process or reproduce government information for the applicant, or to collect information from other administrative organs or citizens, legal persons and other organizations。

  The provincial Bureau website provides the Application Form for Government Information Disclosure of Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration (Annex)1) Text download service, you can also go to the provincial bureau acceptance agency to receive。Copy of application form valid。 

  The applicant's description of the required information should be as detailed and clear as possible;Where possible, provide the name of the information, the date it was generated, or other hints to help the province determine the information。

  (2) Acceptance

  Accepting agency: Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration Comprehensive planning Finance Department

  Office address: Shiwei Road, Heping District, Shenyang16号 

  Office Hours:8:30-11301300-1700(except holidays) 

  Contact number:024-31607066     传真:024-31607100  

  Email Please log in the "Public interaction" column on the home page for consultation, complaints and reports) 

  Address: Shiwei Road, Heping District, Shenyang16号    邮编:110003 

  Valid applications are accepted and registered。If the application is made in person, the receipt shall be issued。Oral applications will not be accepted。

  (3) Reply

  The Provincial Bureau shall reply to the government information applied for disclosure by issuing the Notice of Government Information Disclosure of Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration or other forms in accordance with the following circumstances:

  1.Where it has been voluntarily disclosed, inform the applicant of the ways and means of obtaining information;

  2.If it is not to be made public, the reasons for not being made public shall be informed;

  3.If it does not belong to the provincial bureau of publicity, it shall inform the applicant in a timely manner, and if it can determine the publicity agency, it shall inform the name and contact information of the agency;

  4.If the government information applied for disclosure does not exist, inform the applicant;

  5.If the contents of the application for disclosure are not clear, the applicant shall be informed of the modification or correction of the application;

  6.If the government information applied for disclosure contains content that should not be disclosed, the applicant shall be informed if it can be distinguished and the information content that can be disclosed shall be provided。

  7.If it is difficult to determine whether it belongs to the scope of disclosure, the applicant shall be informed of the reasons and basis for the suspension of disclosure。

  For applications that can be answered on the spot, an answer will be given on the spot;If a reply cannot be made on the spot, it shall begin on the date of receiptReply to the applicant within 15 working days。Under special circumstances, with the consent of the person in charge of government information disclosure work of the provincial bureau, the reply period may be extended, and the applicant shall be informed that the extension of the reply period shall not exceed the maximum15Working day。 

  For the process of application for disclosure of government information, please refer to the Flow Chart of Application for Disclosure of Government Information of Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration (Annex)2)。 

  (4) Charges

  The costs of retrieval, reproduction and mailing of government information provided in accordance with the application shall be subject to the relevant regulations of the State and Liaoning Province。

  3. The scope shall not be disclosed

  The disclosure of government information by administrative organs shall not endanger national security, public security, economic security and social stability。

  Before disclosing government information, administrative organs shall examine the government information to be disclosed in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets and other laws, regulations and relevant state provisions。

  Government information that meets any of the following circumstances shall not be disclosed:

  1.Involving state secrets in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets and other laws, regulations and relevant state provisions;

  2.Where an administrative organ considers that the government information applied for disclosure involves trade secrets or personal privacy and may damage the legitimate rights and interests of a third party after disclosure, it shall solicit the opinions of a third party in writing;If the third party does not agree to the disclosure, the administrative organ shall not make the disclosure。

  3.Internal management information produced or obtained by administrative agencies in the course of their daily work and process information under discussion, study or review。

  4.Other items shall not be disclosed in accordance with laws, regulations and relevant provisions of the State。

  Iv. Supervision methods

  (1) Complaints and reports。If the applicant believes that the provincial Bureau does not fulfill the obligation of government information disclosure according to law, it can complain and report to the discipline inspection and supervision team of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision in the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, and it can also complain and report to the superior administrative, discipline inspection and supervision organs or the competent department of provincial government information disclosure。

  (2) Administrative reconsideration。If the applicant believes that the specific administrative act of the provincial Bureau in the work of government information disclosure infringes on its legitimate rights and interests, it may apply for administrative reconsideration to the People's Government of Liaoning Province, the State Medical Products Administration or bring an administrative lawsuit to the Shenyang Railway Transportation Court according to law。


Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration

Government information disclosure application form

Applicant information 




Work unit 


Name of certificate 


Document number 


Contact number 


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Signature of applicant (seal of legal person or other organization) : 



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Use of the required government information 


How to obtain Government Information (single choice) 

邮寄         ¨Electronic mail     传真 

Carrier Form of Government Information (single choice) 

Paper text     ¨Electronic mail   光盘 


1When applying for government information, the applicant shall indicate the valid reasons for the application; 

2When filing an application, a citizen shall also provide a copy of his valid ID card;When filing an application, a legal person or other organization shall also provide a copy of the organizational code certificate or a copy of the business license。