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Announcement of Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration on candidates to be recommended to participate in the fifth National "Looking for the Most Beautiful Pharmacist around" activity

  According to the requirements of the "Notice of Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration on carrying out the activity of" Looking for the most beautiful Pharmacist around "(Liaoning Drug Administration Memorandum (2023) No. 13),After open solicitation, active registration, step-by-step selection, preliminary review of materials, expert review,It is proposed to recommend 5 licensed pharmacists in our province (see annex for details) to participate in the 5th national "Looking for the Most Beautiful Pharmacists around" selection activity,Hereby publicized。The publicity period is from May 23 to May 27, 2023。

  If the public finds that the public object has illegal behaviors, licensed pharmacists "hanging", providing false information and other situations that do not meet the selection criteria of the "looking for the most beautiful pharmacists around" activity, please timely feedback to our bureau。

  Contact number: 024-31607831

  Address: No.16 Shiwei Road, Heping District, Shenyang Zip code: 110003


  Annex: Information about the 5 licensed pharmacists to be recommended

                              Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration