Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration

Internal mechanism

Internal mechanism

Department of Cosmetics Supervision and Administration

  To master and analyze the safety situation and existing problems in the production and circulation of cosmetics, and put forward suggestions for improving the system mechanism and work,Handle cosmetics registration in accordance with the law,To supervise and implement hygienic standards and technical specifications for cosmetics production,To guide the implementation of hygienic standards and technical norms for the operation and use of cosmetics,To supervise the implementation of cosmetic standards, classification rules and technical guidelines。To undertake the supervision and inspection of production links and the investigation and punishment of illegal acts, organize and guide the on-site inspection of operation and use links and the investigation and punishment of illegal acts。Organize random inspection of quality and issue regular quality announcements。Organize the monitoring of adverse reactions and handle them according to law。

  Responsible person: Chen Dingxin  Office Phone:024-31607021

  Contact: Li    Office Phone:024-31607030