Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration

Internal mechanism

Internal mechanism

Investigate and punish

    Set up 14 inspectors, stationed in 14 cities, the inspectors in the region to undertake the following duties:

    Responsible for the daily supervision, rectification review and special inspection of pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic manufacturing enterprises and pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, retail chain headquarters and Internet third-party trading platforms within the jurisdiction, and undertake the investigation and handling of general complaints and reports and general cases。Responsible for sending inspectors to local vaccine production enterprises, supervising and inspecting the implementation of drug production quality management standards by vaccine production enterprises, collecting quality safety risks and illegal clues, reporting the situation and making suggestions。To undertake other matters assigned by the provincial drug Administration。

    The person in charge of an inspection: Lu Wenzhuo  Office Phone:024-83988123    

            Contact: Li Caiyang  Office Phone:024-83988092           

    Head of the second inspection department: Song  Office Phone:0411-65850615

            Contact: Zhiyuan Zhu  Office Phone:0411-65850612

    Responsible person of the third inspection department: Lv Shike  Office Phone:0412-6926006    

            Contact: Pan Binghui  Office Phone:0412-6926010       

    Responsible person: Pang Yudong  Office Phone:024-56090006

              Contact: Yu Dongming  Office Phone:024-56090007

    Head of the fifth inspection department: Ben Xiaolei  Office Phone:024-43851105

            Contact: Wen Ming 浛  Office Phone:024-43851101

    Head of the sixth inspection Department: Xu  Office Phone:0415-2188932

            Contact: Chen  Office Phone:0415-2189172

    Head of the seven inspection departments: Li Yuji  Office Phone:0416-3670701

            Contact: Jiang Jinghe  Office Phone:0416-3670703

    Head of the eight departments of inspection: Wang Xiaowei  Office Phone:0417-2988001

            Contact Person: Sun  Office Phone:0417-2988003

    Head of the ninth Inspection Department: Guo Honglin  Office Phone:0418-96315-4201

            Contact: Yu Weishen  Office Phone:0418-96315-4203

    Head of the 10 Inspection Department: Zeng  Office Phone:0419-2132701

            Contact: Luzhu Dong  Office Phone:0419-2132708

    Head of Department 11: Gao  Office Phone:024-79860399

             Contact: Wang Yumiao  Office Phone:024-79860396

    Head of the 12th inspection Department: Li Yingkui  Office Phone:0421-7178101

              Contact: Zhang  Office Phone:0421-7178106

    Head of the 13th Inspection Department: Qin  Office Phone:0427-2959888

              Contact: Li  Office Phone:0427-2269009

    The person in charge of the 14 inspections: Chen Weichao  Office Phone:0429-3118858

              Contact: Jiyu Gao  Office Phone:0429-3118859