Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration

Provincial functions

Affiliated unit

Liaoning Provincial Drug Evaluation and Inspection Center (Liaoning Provincial Vaccine Inspection Center)


根据Reply to the Establishment of Liaoning Provincial Drug Evaluation and Inspection Center by the Institutional Establishment Committee of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee (Liao Compilation (2022) No. 13)Establish LiaoningProvincial Drug Evaluation and Inspection Center (Liaoning Vaccine Inspection Center)Provincial drug Administration所属Fully funded public institutionInstitutional specifications equivalent to county level

Mainly responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, drug abuse and other related technical work;Carry out technical review and on-site verification related to registration of drugs, medical devices, medical institution preparations, cosmetics, etc.;To undertake the technical work related to the inspection of drugs, medical devices and cosmetics in the province,To be responsible for the daily management of the provincial professional and specialized drug inspector team。

Responsible person: Bai Xudong