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Announcement on soliciting opinions on the local standard of Liaoning Province, "Management of Pharmacovigilance Inspection" (draft for soliciting comments)

The "Pharmacovigilance Inspection Management Standard" (Project No. 2023349) recommended by the Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration is included in the 2023 local standard project plan issued by the Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision Administration。In accordance with the relevant provisions of Liaoning Provincial Standards Management Measures,It is now open to all sectors of society for comments,Please fill in the "Liaoning Provincial Standards Solicit Comments Summary Processing Form",And before November 6, 2023, feedback in the form of email and letter to the drafting unit of Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration: Liaoning Provincial Drug Evaluation and Inspection Center。 

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附件1:Pharmacovigilance inspection Management Code for comment draft

Annex 2: Summary of comments on local standards of Liaoning Province

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