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Provincial drug Administration held a business exchange meeting in the field of drug circulation

In order to solably promote the three-year action on drug safety, further study and judge the risks and hidden dangers in the field of drug circulation, urge enterprises to operate according to law and regulations, further improve the level of drug quality management, and ensure the safety and effectiveness of drug use for the people, recently, the provincial Food and Drug Administration organized a business exchange meeting in the field of drug circulation in Jinzhou。Jinzhou area 18 drug wholesale enterprises and 14 drug retail chain headquarters related personnel a total of 124 people attended the meeting。

This business exchange aims at the characteristics of drug circulation supervision and the current regulatory focus of drug wholesale and retail chain headquarters,Senior enterprise personnel with many years of rich management experience are invited,From the continuation of normative documents, the focus of attention in daily work, special drug purchase, sale and stock management, drug business risk control and internal audit, cold chain transportation and verification, Chinese medicine decoction pieces related knowledge and how to write rectification reports and other content to exchange and share,And the relevant knowledge test was carried out。

Through this exchange, the relevant personnel of the enterprise further deepened their understanding and grasp of laws and regulations, further enhanced their awareness of risk control, realized the purpose of learning from each other, drawing on each other's strengths, jointly promoting and jointly improving, and further consolidated the foundation of safety supervision of the drug circulation link。